How to Play the Book of Ra Kostenlos


How to play the Book of Ra kostenlos

Do you know about the Book of Ra, the popular online slot machine game? Have you also been hearing about another game called the Book Of Ra Kostenlos?

If so, and you are not sure what this game actually is, you may be surprised to learn it is actually more simple than what you may have expected.

What is the Book of Ra kostenlos? -- This is actually one of the German versions of the popular game. You can tell that by the term 'kostenlos', which is added to the end of the name of the game.

In German, the word kostenlos means 'free', and that is what this game is here. A free German language version of the game the Book of Ra.

Do you have to speak German to play it? -- No, you do not. The game is the same design as the Book of Ra you have probably been playing for a long time. The only difference is that the controls and the instructions are in German.

If you know how the game plays, however, this will not matter as you will be used to how the game works already.

Why is the German version of the game free? -- The German version of the game is not free, only the same free version the English language community get to play as well.

In fact, the Book of Ra kostenlos comes with the exact same tokens you get if you play the free version of the English language game but, if you want to gamble to win money, you have to spend money just like anywhere else.

Playing the Book of Ra kostenlos can be fun, though, if only because it is in a different language and so makes a nice change.


What Does the Book of Ra Kostenlos Mean and is it Free?


What does the Book of Ra kostenlos mean and is it free?

Did someone tell you about an online slot machine game called the Book of Ra kostenlos? Have you been considering playing it, if you could only figure out what it was?

If so, here are a few facts about the Book Of Ra Kostenlos, and some reasons as to why you really should play it.

What is the Book of Ra kostenlos? -- While it may sound complicated and as if a new version of the popular slot machine game has just been released, in fact the Book of Ra kostenlos is nothing more than the German way of saying 'the Book of Ra for free'. That means, if you are German, you are likely to play the Book of Ra kostenlos rather than the original version although you do not have to be German to do so.

Can you play the Book of Ra kostenlos if you are not German? -- Of course you can play the game.

Sure, the website where the Book of Ra kostenlos is hosted may be in German, and so may some of the game's controls and instructions. The game, however, plays just like the original version of the Book of Ra so, if you have already played that game, then playing the German version will be a cinch. Plus, it is a good version of the game to play as it is free.

Where to find the Book of Ra kostenlos? -- There are a number of German websites that currently host the game, and finding them is no more difficult than doing a search for the term 'the Book of Ra kostenlos' and then looking at the sites that appear.

Just be sure to test a few before committing to one, so that you are sure you are playing on the best site.


Book Of Ra By Kostenlos


Book Of Ra By Kostenlos

Kostenlos created Book of Ra as a simple online slot machine anyone may play. The game is a web-based slot that you may log into at any time, and the Book of Ra game is updated often to intrigue new players. This article will show you why Book of Ra is such an incredible game to play when you have nothing better to do with your time.

#1: Book Of Ra Is A Basic Slot Machine

You will see the sandy background in the game that helps you remember you are trekking across the desert, and the reels in the game feature pictures you will find in the desert. Your hunt for treasure may be filled with more sand and pyramid blocks than gold, and you must push through every tile until you come upon great paylines.

#2: Betting In The Vegas Style

You must bet in Book Of Ra Kostenlos just as you would in a traditional Vegas slot machine, but you are not paying to play the game. You will bet on every payline with tokens you have won during the game, and you may win more tokens to extend your game as you play. There is a bonus round to play, and you may win free spins. Restarting the game will not cost you any money at all, and you may continue to play for as long as you so choose.

#3: Auto Playing Features

You may press the button that allows you to play automatically. You may let the game take you where it wants to go, and you may wait for the game to give you proper results. Every spin in the game offers quite a bit of excitement, and you must ensure that you are plaing when you have scant little time for anything else.


The Book Of Ra Keeps Pulp Tales Alive



The Book of Ra Keeps Pulp Tales Alive

Pulp adventures may be back in vogue now that Duane "The Rock" Johnson has agreed to appear in a new big screen adaptation of "Doc Savage". And then there is all the buzz about a new Indiana Jones film. To a degree, The Book of Ra has helped keep the flame of pulp adventure alive. The intriguing slot game borrows a lot from classic pulp tales. The end result is a fun experience that takes players back to a wonderful time in pop culture.

The Theme of the Game

The slot game is built around the theme of treasure hunting in ancient Egypt. Treasure hunters are looking for many than just gold. They are looking for the grand secrets of The Book of Ra and all the bizarre and amazing mysteries hidden within its pages. Playing the slot game is an adventure. Players are sure to have a lot of fun looking at the bright and old pulp-style images on the screen when hitting the spin function.

The Pulps Are Not Forgotten

The old pulp magazines were published from the early 1900's to about the 1940's. They featured fiction from all manner of different genres. Science-fiction may have been the most popular, but the adventure tales were absolutely beloved by legions of fans. Although the pulp magazines no longer exists (a few online homage publications have emerged), the impact of these publications is profound as evidenced by the many movies that draw from them. The Book of Ra absolutely does its part to keep the rich tradition of the pulps alive. The slot is also a lot of fun to play and is packed with features. A better slot game would be hard to find. Click on Book Of Ra Kostenlos for more details.