How to Play the Book of Ra Kostenlos


How to play the Book of Ra kostenlos

Do you know about the Book of Ra, the popular online slot machine game? Have you also been hearing about another game called the Book Of Ra Kostenlos?

If so, and you are not sure what this game actually is, you may be surprised to learn it is actually more simple than what you may have expected.

What is the Book of Ra kostenlos? -- This is actually one of the German versions of the popular game. You can tell that by the term 'kostenlos', which is added to the end of the name of the game.

In German, the word kostenlos means 'free', and that is what this game is here. A free German language version of the game the Book of Ra.

Do you have to speak German to play it? -- No, you do not. The game is the same design as the Book of Ra you have probably been playing for a long time. The only difference is that the controls and the instructions are in German.

If you know how the game plays, however, this will not matter as you will be used to how the game works already.

Why is the German version of the game free? -- The German version of the game is not free, only the same free version the English language community get to play as well.

In fact, the Book of Ra kostenlos comes with the exact same tokens you get if you play the free version of the English language game but, if you want to gamble to win money, you have to spend money just like anywhere else.

Playing the Book of Ra kostenlos can be fun, though, if only because it is in a different language and so makes a nice change.